Bangor, ME, US

A Global Threat was an American street punk band, formed in Bangor, ME in 1997. They released four full-length LPs as well as many 7" EPs and have toured extensively throughout the United States. Originally formed in Maine in 1997, the band relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, where it was based until their break up. The original band members were Bryan Lothian, Brett Threat, Westie, and Tubby Tim. In 1998, the band recorded and self-released their first EP, The Kids Will Revolt Against All Authority, on Crack Rock Records. Soon after, Mike Graves and Petrov Curtis joined the band (on drums and guitar respectively) and AGT began playing live shows in Boston and New York. During this period, the band met Mark Civitarese (a member of Boston punk group The Unseen), who would become a major supporter of the band before later joining it himself. Mark re-released The Kids will revolt EP on his ADD Records label in late 1998. Subsequently, Mark became a member of AGT in 1999, when, during a weekend of gigs in New York, the band's van broke down and Mark offered them transportation on the condition that he be allowed to join the band. The group accepted and Mark took up dual vocal duties, with both he and founding member Bryan singing during live shows.

In 1999, they released the What the Fuck Will Change? EP as well as a split 7" EP with Broken. Both these releases saw the band progressing towards the more frantic and relentless streetpunk style for which they would later become well-known. What the Fuck Will Change? was later re-released as the band's first full length LP on Step-1 Music, including new material as well as re-recorded songs from The Kids EP. During this time Johnny joined the band on rhythm guitar and AGT embarked on a tour of the U.S. East Coast and South. Unfortunately, the band was involved in a three-car accident in Austin, Texas, forcing them to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. 1999 also saw the release of the Who's to Blame? split 7" EP with now defunct Rochester, New York band The End on Anarchist Records/ADD records.

Shortly thereafter, AGT secured a record deal with GMM records because Mark Noah had seen them play with in Chapel Hill,NC with Patriot. That winter, after a weekend of shows, original member Brett Threat was fired from the band and would subsequently move back to Maine and form the punk band USA Waste. The band then played a few shows with Johnny on bass, before he too was released from the band and went on to form USA Waste with Brett. AGT then recruited long-time friend and previous musical collaborator Gabe Crate (a.k.a Gabe Asturd) to join the group on bass. Having now secured a more musically solid lineup they hit the studio to record their second full length "Until We Die". In November, Mark Civitarese, also known as Mark Unseen, played his last show with AGT, having decided that being in two bands was too taxing.