New York, NY, USA

A Million Billion is an indie / electronica solo-project-turned-band from Brooklyn, New York. It is led by Ryan Smith, a well-established musician within the US indie community, collaborating with The Fiery Furnaces on the Stars Like Fleas project, and touring as keyboardist with super-group The Silent League (featuring members of Interpol and Mercury Rev). He has also worked as a remixer for Public Enemy and Bloc Party.

Ryan Smith began to realise his own solo material in 2005 under the 'A Million Billion' name, with the 'Today We Love You' album and 'Filthy Schoolgilrs' EP. February 2006 saw the addition of Michael Fadem, Jon Natchez, Kevin Thaxton and Gene Park to the line-up, and a UK debut with the 'Volcano Season' single on EXERCISE1 Records.