Bryce Ross-Johnson (born June 16, 1988), known by his stage name Bryce Vine is an American singer and rapper from New York City, New York. Bryce showed his interest in music at the age of 13, and ventured into a career of music in 2011 where he auditioned for The Glee Project. A year later he signed with record label Kiva House Lambroza and released an EP titled Lazy Fair to critical acclaim. Two years later, he would release another EP titled Night Circus, also to critical acclaim.

Bryce Ross-Johnson was born on June 16, 1988, in New York City, New York to Tracey Ross and Brad Johnson. He and his mother had lived in a small apartment in New York City where he had a humble lifestyle. In 1989, when Bryce was 1, his mother moved them both to Los Angeles, California so she could pursue a career as an actress. In which a year later she got a part on the hit soap opera Passions. This allowed Bryce to spend the majority of his youth in Westlake Village. Some of his childhood friendships were solidified on his mom's party boat named Laissez-Faire. Bryce found a love for music and entertainment by spending time with his mother on set. Because of this Bryce kept developing his voice and his love for music. When his father introduced him to '90s R&B, he convinced his mother to buy him a guitar at the age of 13. He taught himself how to play the guitar, and kept developing his talent as a musician.