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Cantoma is the nom-de-spin of pioneering producer/DJ Phil Mison. His career began at the Milk Bar in London during the early nineties. He began his journey into world prominence by submitting a homemade mixed tape to Underworld’s Darren Emerson and solidified his reputation via tours with Leftfield and other bands. The tunes on this collection were inspired by the work of Cafe del Mar’s Jose Padilla, whose legendary soundscapes so perfectly reflected fun and games on the Spanish Isle of Ibiza, an upscale yet decadent international vacation spot.Inspired by his sessions at Café del Mar, Cantoma’s Balearic rhythms transport you to the warm beaches of Spain. Deeply rooted in flamenco, dub and asian influences, Cantoma’s sound weaves together a unique tapestry of musical cultures and features guest vocalists Pathaan, Tanja Thulau, Silvana Malta, Tony Sayer, and the Spanish Choir from Istanbul.