Circle Takes the Square is an American screamo band from Savannah, Georgia. Their debut release was a 7-track self-titled EP in 2001, followed later by a 7" split with Pg.99. In 2004 the band released As the Roots Undo on Robotic Empire, which released the CD, and HyperRealist Records, which released the gatefold LP.

In 2007, Circle Takes the Square toured the United States with the post-hardcore band Thursday and alternative rock band Portugal. The Man. They are currently working on recording material for a second full-length album, which is five years in the making so far. According to their studio blog, progress is being made as they rehearse and record more demonstrations, which they refer to as "place-holders". They have said that the new record will be titled Ritual of Names, and will be one long piece of music broken into seven tracks. They have also stated that Ritual of Names will be part of an even larger project called Decompositions. According to their official Facebook profile, recording for their second full-length has commenced as of January 1, 2011