D Double E, is a member of the Newham Generals, originating from the notorious Newham borough of London. Originally in the N.A.S.T.Y Crew, D Double E, Footsie and DJ Tubby are the members; producers and MC’s of the harsh, grime sounds of Newham Generals. Monkstarr was also a member until he left to find god.

D Double E used to be a member of the 187 Crew, with Jammer and Armour. The group were invited to join Nasty Crew, and they accepted apart from Jammer, who did join later after N.A.S.T.Y were in contact with a record company and he was approached to work on the production. After being one of the earliest members of Nasty Crew, Double left the collective due to disagreements, which are thought to revolve around the fact that D Double E used the prestigious Nasty Crew name to secure solo bookings. Double also left the crew with Footsie and Monkstarr, and these MCs, along with DJ Tubby established the grime collective the Newham Generals.