Menden, Germany

Daniel Ebel, better known as Dendemann (* 27. Juni 1974) is a German rapper from Menden. He is known for his rough voice and his witty, wordplay-filled lyrics in which he mostly tells stories from everyday life. Dendemanns first success was with the crew Arme Ritter, who often functioned as support for Fettes Brot and were featured on their album außen Top Hits, innen Geschmack. Arme Ritter had previously released a single called "Disco '95" on Sony Music, but to little avail. In the mid-90s, Dendemann and Thomas "Rabauke" Jensen, the tour DJ of Fettes Brot, founded the hip hop duo Eins Zwo. At the same time, Dendemann was working with the former Arme Ritter artist Majubiese and his friend Nico Suave, under the alias Mutter Natur.