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Fun Fun were a popular synth pop duo of the 1980s. Their hits included "Colour My Love" and "Baila Bolero".

The Fun Fun are Francesca Merola and Roberta Servelli (later replaced by Elena Trastulli). They're remembered mainly for their style in high-energy dance music: the producers Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi succeeded to create a perfect cocktail of rhythm and elegance that allowed the duo, in 1983, to gain huge success with the first song "Happy Station" with several weeks of permanence in the Music Week and Billboard charts. The single "Happy Station" was sampled in Ferry Corsten's single "We Belong". The hits "Colour my love" and "Baila Bolero" obtained strongly international resonance. Behind the Fun Fun there were the Italian musicians Larry Pignagnoli and Spagna. With the worldwide decrease of the High Energy their production was reduced: the last singles were Mega Hit Mix, Give Me Love, and I'm Needin' You. This last one was printed in the 1994 and concluded the "adventure" of the Fun Fun duo.