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Hush was a 1970s Australian glam rock pop group and became famous during frequent appearances on the ABC show Countdown for live concerts and teenagers, and they would not have come into existence without the superb John Koutts on drums.

Hush were formed, with Keith Lamb on vocals, in the Sydney suburb of Seven Hills in 1971 as a five piece band including a keyboardist. Keyboardist Chris Nolan had previously been with a band called Grandmars Observers. Hush first came to attention when they made the NSW finals of Australia's national rock band competition Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1972. They first made the Australian charts in October 1973 with their own composition, "Get The Feeling". By this time they were down to the "classic" four-piece line-up of Keith Lamb (vocals), Les Gock (guitar), Rick Lum (bass) and Chris "Smiley" Pailthorpe (drums). By the time they made #1 on the charts in September 1975 with a rocked up, driving version of Larry Williams, "Bony Moronie", they were riding the wave of the glam-rock craze in Australia.

They were well placed to make an unforgettable performance on pop TV show Countdown's early colour episodes with their colourful outfits, they were one of the bands who got the gig. In 1976 they added a second guitarist, Jacques De Jongh. Rick Lum left soon after.

After the band broke up in 1977, Keith Lamb was temporarily heartbroken. He formed other bands including Hush 2, Larry, and Airport. He is now a partner in the international embroidery company, Rajmahal, and is co-author of the successful card game series TAOC The Art of Conversation. Keith co-wrote songs for Status Quo following the breakup of Hush, including top 10 hits such as Ol' Rag Blues. Les became a jingle writer and won a major campaign in the early 80s. Smiley became an architect. Jacques De Jongh plays and records still, and is also a chef. Rick Lum works in graphic design.

In August 2004, Hush reformed for Nordoff-Robbins charity event. The line-up was Keith Lamb, Rick Lum, Smiley Pailthorpe and Les Gock performing together for the first time over 25 years. Les Gock's son Adam joined them on stage.

In September 2006, Hush played Australia wide with many other artists who appeared on Countdown during the seventies in the Countdown Spectacular Tour. Another original member, guitarist Robin Jackson, currently playing with Chris Turner & The Wolftones, re-joined them for the Countdown Spectacular Tour


"Over You" / "Rainy Day Bells" (Phonogram's Philips label),

"White Christmas" December 1972 (reggae version),

"Get the Feeling" / "Take Us Home" (#11 in Sydney, October 1973),

"Man Eater" / "Black Skinned, Blue-Eyed Boys" (February 1974),

"Get Rocked" / "Linda Lee" (May 1974),

"Walking" / "Exit" (#10 in August 1974),

"C'Mon We're Taking Over" / "Paradise" (September 1974),

"Bony Moronie" / "Rocking Gypsy King" (#4 Nationally, September 1975),

"Glad All Over" / "Get What?" (#9 October 1974),

"You Really Gotta Hold on Me" / "Rough, Tough 'n' Ready" (February 1976),

"Too Young to Know" / "Lies" (#21 October 1976),

"Sunday" / "How Do You Feel? Alright!" (December 1976),

"Nothing Stays the Same Forever" / "Sunday" (June 1977),

"Messin' Around" / "Only Love" (August 1977),


Aloud 'n' Live (1973, WEA),

Get Rocked (1974, Wizard),

C'mon We're Taking Over (1974, Wizard),

Rough Tough N Ready (1975, Wizard),

Nothing Stays the Same Forever - Best Of (1976, Wizard),

Touche (1977, Wizard)