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‘Irfān (Arabic/Persian/Urdu: عرفان, also spelt Irfaan/Erfan) literally means knowing/awareness. The term is often translated as gnosis, however it also refers to Islamic mysticism. Those with the name are sometimes referred to as having an insight into the unseen. Irfan is also a Muslim given name, usually used for male persons.

The concept of Irfan overlaps considerably with Sufism in both meaning and content, however Sufism in general, can deviate from the basic teachings of Islam. In Twelver Shiism on the other hand, the term refers specifically to gnosis that can be attained strictly within the confines of Islam.

Among the most famous modern Shia proponents of Irfan were Usooli theologians Allameh Tabatabaei and Ruhollah Khomeini. The scholars taught how gnosis can be attained by adhering to Islamic teachings with love for God. The 17th century Mulla Sadra of Iran is generally seen as the historical ideologue for Irfan in Shi'ism.

In Pashto, Irfan means the most beautiful and knowledgeful person.