Jacques Lu Cont, born as Stuart Price on Sept. 7 1977, is the same gentleman who brings you Madonna’s tour this year (2006), as he is her manager. Reportedly, he has said that the Human League’s album ‘Dare’ inspired his sound the most, as evidenced by the video “Hey You What’s That Sound,” which looks amazingly like Madonna’s “Hung Up.” Hmm. He also laid down some sexy beats to her Confessions album… but most importantly, this English DJ with a penchant for faux French pseudonyms is probably best known for his work under Les Rythmes Digitales ‘Darkdancer,’ a true electro classic made in ‘98. You also might know him from Zoot Woman, a snazzy three-piece synth / guitar band / bass, of which he played the latter instrument, but now a dashing female has replaced him. If nothing is yet jogging your memory, also check out his remixes under Thin White Duke, Paper Faces and Man With Guitar.