Jason Collett is a Toronto based singer-songwriter. He is a member of Broken Social Scene but also tours on his own, having released four solo CDs. His latest album, Rat a Tat Tat, was released in March, 2010. He recently joined forces with fellow Canadians in an independently produced film project the Iodine movie where he accomplished his acting debut as Deputy Peel.

Born in Bramalea, Ontario, a Greater Toronto Area suburb, Collett began writing songs at a young age to escape the boredom of his suburban life. He lists Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and Nick Lowe as influences. Eventually Collett moved to downtown Toronto where he worked as a woodworker and carpenter, doing renovations and custom home building, while he pursued his music. He was a part of the short-lived alt-country group Bird, of which Andrew Cash and Hawksley Workman were also members. Bird released one album, 2000’s Chrome Reflection. Collett also took part in Toronto’s popular indie music gathering, Radio Mondays. Collett, along with others such as The Weakerthans and artists on the record label Arts & Crafts, would perform and write songs together. Collett has mentioned how Radio Mondays were great community-building events, with five or six artists on stage at a time.