Dominican Republic

Joe Veras was born on May 1, in Cevicos, a municipality of Cotui in the Dominican Republic. He is the fourth of thirteen children born to Mr. Soto Veras and Mrs. Maria del Carmen Batista. He involved himself in music at an early age starting in ecclesiastic choirs in his village - Cotui. He pursued a university degree in Santo Domingo, then chose to pursue an artistic career. A music project led to a contract with Darlenis Records Company. He recorded his first production, Con Amor, in 1993. His debut was well received by bachata afficionados.

Joe Veras signed a contract with Hipolito Records in 1995 and recorded Con Mas Amor and Asi es la Vida. These productions spread throughout the country and internationally and won him the Casandra Award in 1997. In New York he received a platinum award for selling more than 300,000 copies of Con Mas Amor. He gained further notoriety in the Dominican Republic, winning local awards called premios globos.