Life in Balance is an American musical duo, consisting of Ami Sciulli and Steve Sciulli, formed in 1996. Their music incorporates instruments and styles associated with sacred music from numerous cultures. The team has a national audience garnered through extensive touring and syndicated radio play.

Ami Sciulli plays chakra-tuned quartz crystal singing bowls and percussion, while Steve Sciulli plays enhanced Japanese shakuhachi, Indian bansuri,and concert flutes. They have performed with Jim Donovan of Rusted Root.

Life in Balance was featured in the "Living Room Concert" series on the NPR program, Echoes, hosted by John Diliberto.

The duo has performed at theaters and concert halls, including the O'Reilly and Buskirk-Chumley Theaters. They have also appeared at art and music festivals, The Andy Warhol and Carnegie Museums, planetariums, conservatories, Botanical Gardens, spas and churches throughout the United States.

Life in Balance has also performed with authors such as Deepak Chopra, Robert Thurman, Lee Carroll. Musicians they have performed with include Robert Rich, Rusted Root, Dharma Bums, and Krishna Das.

The duo has composed theme and background music for dance groups, and written music for meditation and healing.