Luke Jordan (January 28, 1892 - June 25, 1952) was an American blues guitarist and vocalist of some renown in his local area of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Born in Appomattox County, Virginia, United States, his professional career started at age 35, when he was noticed by Victor Records, and went to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1927 to record several records. These records sold moderately well, and Victor decided to take Jordan to New York in 1929, for two more sessions. He recorded very few known tracks in his career, but a few remain intact.

He died in Lynchburg in June 1952. His song, "Church Bells Blues" was later recorded by Ralph Willis.

Known recordings

Recorded August 16, 1927, Charlotte, North Carolina:

39819-1. "Church Bells Blues." Victor unissued,

39819-2. "Church Bells Blues." Vi 21076,

39820-1. "Pick Poor Robin Clean." Victor unissued,

39820-2. "Pick Poor Robin Clean." Vi 20957,

39821-2. "Cocaine Blues." Vi 21076,

39822-1. "Traveling Coon." Vi 20957,

Recorded November 18, 1929, New York City:

57703-1. "My Gal's Done Quit Me." Vi V38564,

57704-3. "Won't You Be Kind?" Vi V38564,

Recorded November 19, 1929, New York City:

57705- . "If I Call You Mama." Vi 23400,

57706-2. "Look Up, Look Down." Victor unissued,

57707- . "Tom Brown Sits in His Prison Cell." Vi 23400,

57708-2. "That's A Plenty." Victor unissued