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Lyres (often miscredited as The Lyres) are a Boston-area garage rock band led by Jeff "Monoman" Conolly. Lyres were founded in 1979 following the breakup of DMZ. Their most popular songs included "Don't Give It Up Now," "What A Girl Can't Do" and "Help You Ann". The original lineup of the band featured Rick Coraccio(bass), Ricky Carmel (guitar), and Paul Murphy (drums).

Former DMZ members Rick Coraccio, Paul Murphy, and Peter Greenberg had rejoined Connolly in Lyres over the course of their existence (from 1979 to the early 2000s).Miriam Linna, former drummer of The Cramps and The A-Bones, played in Lyres in 1986. Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys and Lords of the New Church, and Wally Tax of The Outsiders also recorded with Lyres in the late 1980s.

Lyres were less active in the 1990s, due to Conolly living in California and in Europe for brief periods of time. After a renewed period of activity in the early 2000s, the band went through another dormant period up until 2005. The band has been playing regularly during the last two years. Conolly is the only member who has been in every lineup during the large number of personnel changes that Lyres have gone through over the years. In 2009, Lyres played at the Go Sinner So festival in Madrid and an additional date in Porto Nuovo. This line-up included Peter Greenberg on guitar.

Current line-up

Jeff Conolly (organ, vocals),

Steve Aquino (guitar),

Paul Murphy (drums),

Rick Coraccio (bass),

Discography (incomplete)

LP albums:

On Fyre (1984),

Lyres Lyres (1985),

A Promise Is A Promise (1986),

Happy Now (1988),

Some Lyres (1994),

EP albums:

AHS1005 12" 45 rpm (Ace of Hearts 1981),

Nobody But Lyres 12" 33 rpm (TAANG! Records 1992),


"Help You Ann",

"Don't Give It Up Now" c/w "How Do You Know?" Dirty Water Records 2007,


"Hotel Massachusetts",

In other media

The song "Help You Ann" was featured on the game Destroy all Humans 2 and on the TV show Rescue Me.

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