Milkshake is a rock band that writes and performs songs for children. Milkshake was founded by Lisa Mathews and Mikel Gehl, both members of the rock group LOVE RiOT. After becoming new parents (Lisa has a daughter, Mikel a son), they found themselves thinking up songs to entertain their toddlers, and consequently recorded an album of these songs titled Happy Songs, released in 2002. Lisa and Mikel began performing concerts in schools and libraries. In 2004, they released Bottle of Sunshine and grew into a full-fledged rock band. Current members along with Lisa and Mikel are Cord Neal on bass, Tom Moon on drums, Brian Simms on keyboards and Micheal Sheppard on electric guitar. All the members of Milkshake sing. Milkshake videos can be seen on the program Jack's Big Music Show on the Noggin TV network, the Miss Lori and Hooper block of programs on PBS Kids affiliates and in the cartoon ToddWorld on Discovery Kids. Their 2007 CD release, PLAY!, featured baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripkin on a song called "Baseball" as well as songs from the ToddWorld cartoon. A DVD compilation of videos called Screen Play, and a comic book featuring the band in various adventures inspired by Milkshake songs were released in 2008. Milkshake's latest release, the 2009 Great Day CD, was nominated for a 2010 Grammy Award for "Best Musical Recording for Children".