Neuroticfish was a German musical project whose styles were borrowed from Electronic body music, futurepop, and synthpop, as well as other types of electronic music. It released its music on the Dancing Ferret Discs record label. Neuroticfish’s sole member is Sascha Mario Klein. Klein cites his musical inspirations as such bands as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, and Depeche Mode, and began experimenting with music on his own in the early '90s. After Neuroticfish was born, Klein did not make the typical efforts of a musician to send out a demo; instead, he relied on the internet as a medium of expression for his music. Klein was eventually offered a place on a synthpop compilation called A Reflexion of Synthpop. From this point on, Neuroticfish gained popularity in the club scene, where he has made an impact ever since.