From: NC, United States

Rock, Pop, Melodic

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Paul has been singing since about the time he became able to walk. Growing up, Paul was always involved in school chorus or singing in the church choir. Although he loved to sing, Paul didn't start thinking about a serious pursuit of music until he performed in a school talent show. He recalls, "I sang the KISS song "Beth" in front of the whole school and it was one of those moments when you realize 'this is what I really want to do with my life.' I heard the applause and the girls screaming and that was it. I was hooked." Just prior to his senior year of high school, Paul relocated to South Florida with his family. While living in Florida, Paul began performing with various bands as the lead singer and front man. He didn't learn to play bass until several years later, when he grew tired of the seemingly endless parade of bass players for one of the bands he was in. Paul was determined to become good enough to play and sing at the same time. He continued performing with that particular band until he met another musician named Derek J. Laber, a talented singer and songwriter in his own right. The pair instantly hit it off due to their mutual love of KISS and other 80's hair bands. They decided to try to put together a band that would feature the blend of their two voices and incorporate all the theatrical and hard rock elements of their musical influences. What they came up with was the glam rock outfit God's Gift. With Paul and Derek as the driving force, the band was able to achieve some measure of success, developing a large following through their elaborate stage shows and infectious music. Local radio also took notice, featuring the Paul Thomas-penned "A Little Paradise" and "Shake and Shiver," a song co-written with lead guitarist Wagner Anarca, in regular rotation. According to Paul, "It was a fun time. It was the one time when I truly felt like a rock star. What we did was go out and give people more than their money's worth when they came to see us. The thing I'm most proud of is having complete strangers come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the show and how much fun they had." However, in typical rock fashion, the band soon fell victim to self-implosion from ego, division, and in-fighting. Although God's Gift came to an end, Paul and Derek's musical partnership continued on as strong as ever. They went on to form The Goodnicks, a pop/rock band blending Eagles-like vocals with modern rock. The results were mixed. The band had great musicianship, strong vocal harmonies, and stellar songwriting and it did gain a bit of notoriety, playing such venues as the West Palm Beach Verizon Amphitheatre and the Sunrise BankAtlantic Centre. Unfortunately, The Goodnicks were never able to build a true fanbase outside of close friends and relatives. Deciding it was time to make a change and to take a break from playing, Paul moved to North Carolina in 2006. After a seven year hiatus, Paul is planning a return to music with a mix of old and new songs and a stage show that will bring audiences back again and again. Paul explains, "I want to raise the bar a bit. I want to give audiences more to see and listen to than someone just going up there and looking at their own shoes while they play a song. Audiences expect and deserve more. I'm not just a musician, I'm an entertainer. And if I can help someone forget the world for a little while, that's what it's all about for me. There's nothing wrong with taking your craft seriously or using it as some kind of platform to express a certain point of view, but music, at least for me, is supposed to be fun and a form of escape. I try to incorporate universal themes like self-empowerment, love and relationships, and having a good time into my songs. Those are things that I think every person can relate to. If you want to hear something more serious, turn on the news. As the song says, 'Tonight, let me bring to you a little paradise'."