Stavanger, Norway

Pride & Fall is a futurepop act from Stavanger, Norway, formed in 2000 by Sigve Monsen and Svein Joar A. Johnsen. The band came into being when Sigve and Svein wanted to pursue a more electronic and club-oriented sound than what they were doing in their goth/Darkwave project 'An Evening With Kisses'. As a result, Per Waagen, an old friend joined as a programmer and keyboard player. They released a demo shortly after, and in 2003, released their debut album, Nephesh, and debut single Paragon on dependent in Europe, Metropolis Records in the United States, and Memento Materia in Scandinavia. Pride & Fall performed their first gigs outside of Norway in 2004, including Cyberia/X-Club in Holland, the Invitation Festival in Belgium and the Dark City Festival in Scotland. In late 2005, the band released their second single, the web-only release Border, and in 2006, their second album 'Elements of Silence'. Along with Revolution By Night the band toured Britain in May 2006, supporting Covenant on their UK 'SkyShaper' tour. The band released their 3rd album, 'In My Time of Dying', on 17 August 2007, their final album on dependent.