Rotersand is a German electronic music act, formed in September 2002 by musician/producer Gun and singer Rascal with dance music producer/DJ Krischan J.E. Wesenberg joining them shortly after. Being referred to by the band itself as Industrial Pop Rotersand's music can generally be described as Futurepop. Prior to Rotersand, Gun and Rasc had collaborated on various other projects, most notably Gun as one producer and Rasc as one member of the band The Fair Sex. Rotersand's debut release was the 'Merging Oceans' EP in 2003, followed by their debut album Truth Is Fanatic. In 2005, they released the single 'Exterminate Annihilate Destroy', a precursor to their second album Welcome To Goodbye. Both of which reached No.1 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts DAC. The third Rotersand album, 1023, was released in 2007. The band has toured Europe with Assemblage 23 and both Europe and the US with Covenant, it played at Dark City Festival and was one of the headlining acts at Infest 2006. Mark Jackson of VNV Nation joined them on stage at the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim Germany in August 2006, and the band appeared twice at the Wave Gotik Treffen.