Solid Sessions are Cyril Helwig and Thymen Holleman, two friends with a burning passion for music who have produced together for the past 7 years under pseudonyms like Quarck and M.U.S.E. They enjoy the perfect production partnership - Cyril is the master of percussion while Thymen’s strength lies in constructing beautiful, elaborate melodies. You can clearly see both sides to the duo on their latest single Janeiro.

A firm favorite with clubbers and DJs alike, Janeiro swept across the major European clubs like a wildfire. It has been reworked and remixed into one of the finest summer anthems ever. Pronti & Kalmani provide a new vocal version, featuring Natalie Smith on vocals, working the original mix into an uplifting summer anthem for Ibiza. Armin Van Buuren turns in a blinding trance version that has to be one of his finest moments yet. It’s powerful riffs and soaring synths have already made it a favorite at Gatecrasher in the UK. On a deeper tip, James Holden takes a bow to the original, building it into a bubbling, progressive shaker that Sasha’s been carrying on his recent US tour.