Son, Ambulance is an American band based in Omaha, Nebraska. They are signed to the Saddle Creek label.

Singer/songwriter Joe Knapp appeared on albums of other bands, such as Fevers and Mirrors by Bright Eyes, before releasing Son, Ambulance's debut album—a split with Bright Eyes called Oh Holy Fools.

Since then, they have released two more albums: Euphemystic (2001) and Key (2004). The latter was referred to as KEY for the small skeleton key in the CD artwork. Son, Ambulance's lineup has cycled through many phases. Credited musicians for the Euphemystic release included Robert Little on bass, Jeff Koster on drums, and Jeff Tafolla on keyboards. Before, after, and during the recording of Key, the following musicians have been collaborating with the band: Dylan Strimple, Erica Petersen, Daniel Knapp, Jesse McKelvey, Jeff Koster, Jenna Morrison, Corey Broman, John Voris, Landon Hedges, Dereck Higgins, and James Cuato.

Son, Ambulance completed a third album, Someone Else's Deja Vu in January 2008, for release in 2008. With its stream of consciousness production, Knapp and Koster brought in talented guests to help, including members of Tilly and the Wall and The Faint.