New York, NY, USA
1989-1995, 2006-present

Spread Eagle is an American hard rock band from New York City. After only a few months of rehearsal they were signed by MCA Records. They released two albums Spread Eagle (1990) and Open To The Public (1993) and disbanded in 1995. In 2006 the band reunited.

In January 2011 the band officially announced their new line-up and according to bassist and founding member Rob De Luca there are plans for touring in North America and Europe. In the late eighties founding members Paul DiBartolo, Rob De Luca and Tommi Gallo were playing in a Boston based band called Bang.

In 1989 guitarist Paul Di Bartolo traveled to New York where he met singer Ray West. Paul was so impressed by his voice, that he immediately convinced bassist Rob De Luca and drummer Tommi Gallo to follow him to New York and start a new band with Ray which became Spread Eagle.

After only a few months of rehearsing they signed with MCA Records. As they were signed while still rehearsing for their first gig, they wrote most songs for their debut 1990 debut album Spread Eagle in the studio. Receiving little promotion from MCA the band produced the videos for "Scratch Like A Cat" and "Switchblade Serenade" using their own money and with the help of friends.