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From: Australia


Electro rock band Symbols is releasing it’s debut Ep - Signs of Truth in February with dates confirmed in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney a small tour through Newcastle, Byron Bay, Nimbin, Brisbane and further north. The production team of Justin Ossher and Sam McNicol bring their highly developed Psych-rock stylings to the stage. “You could say we’re attempting to bridge the gap between producers and rock bands” says Justin, “we’re not just 2 dudes in the corner of the club playing our guitars but we’re not just two hip hop dj’s just spinning tracks and laying down beats either. It’s having fun trying something absolutely bangin’ but mutable in a way that a fully live band could be.”

People at some of the live gigs have said its like The Killers meets One Day As A Lion meets Tricky but it’s really more like MF Doom and Tunde Adebimpe dancing naked on a highway with a head full of psylocibin. That’s kinda the vibe we want, music to be as valid at a dance-off as it is in a warehouse party or theatrical venue.