Sven Joachim Eriksson Thåström (born on March 20, 1957), as an artist known as Thåström, is one of Sweden's best known rock musicians, he is mostly known for the bands Ebba Grön and Imperiet. He has moved between a number of genres, from punk to rock, electronic music and autobiographical singer-songwriter music. Thåström grew up in Högdalen and Rågsved, working class suburbs south of Stockholm, where he from 1977 to 1982 was the singer of punk band Ebba Grön. When Ebba Grön went in hiatus in 1981 due to bassist Lennart "Fjodor" Eriksson having to serve time in jail for refusing military service, the three remaining members (Thåström, drummer Gunnar "Gurra" Ljungstedt and keyboardist Anders "Stry Terrarie" Sjöblom) formed side-project Rymdimperiet (Galactic Empire).

When Ebba Grön officially disbanded in 1983, Rymdimperiet was renamed Imperiet (The Empire). With a then-modern sound firmly set in the 80s and a more focused leftist political stance combined with easily accessible songs, Imperiet became one of the biggest Swedish bands of the 1980s.

In an attempt to cross over to international audiences, Imperiet also recorded an album with some of their songs translated to English.