The Wooden Birds are a band from Austin, Texas (with members also in Brooklyn, NY), led by former American Analog Set frontman, Andrew Kenny, formed in 2008. The band's current lineup, which Andrew Kenny introduces on stage as the "Hometown Fantasy Band", are Leslie Sisson (Western Keys, American Analog Set guest artist, Matt Pond PA) on lead guitar/vocals, Matt Pond (Matt Pond PA) on guitar, and Sean Haskins on drums.

Their debut full length album Magnolia was released on Barsuk Records (United States/Canada) and Morr Music (Europe) in 2009.Magnolia received attention from such publications as Pitchfork Media,Spin, and The Washington Post, with the track "Sugar" earning NPR's "Song of the Day." Since their record release, The Wooden Birds have played SXSW and toured Europe and the United States multiple times (Europe with Grand Archives, the U.S. with Other Lives, Great Lake Swimmers, The Clientele, Dan Mangan, and Broken Social Scene), totaling over 100 live performances in less than a year. They have been known to cover one or two American Analog Set songs in their live set.

Former members of the band include David Wingo (Ola Padrida, David Gordon Green film score composer) who sang backup on "Magnolia" along with Leslie Sisson, Michael Bell (Lymbyc Systym) on drums during SXSW, Magnolia co-producer Chris Michaels as a touring guitarist, and Jody Suarez as a touring percussionist.Andrew Kenny is also known for playing as a guest artist in The Album Leaf, Her Space Holiday, Styrofoam, Ola Podrida, Arthur & Yu, and Broken Social Scene.