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New York, NY, USA

TriPod is a rock trio with no guitars or keyboards.

TriPod uses non-traditional instruments in the melodic line (bass, brass, theremin & woodwinds). The band has been variously classified as Fusion, Jazz, Canterbury, World Music, Prog, Alternative, RIO, and Avant Garde, yet TriPod proclaims itself a rock band.

TriPod performs only original music and includes improvs in stage performances and on CDs. The band was discovered at CBGBs in New York City by Genya Ravan and now tours internationally, performing in venues ranging from clubs to international festivals: 2005 - Baja Prog Festival (Mexico); 2006 - Zappanale Festival (Germany), North West Rock Festival (Croatia), Burg Herzberg Festival (Germany); 2007 - European tour (Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia, Netherlands, Belgium).

It is composed of three New York musicians: Clint Bahr (12-string bass, Chapman Stick, Taurus pedals, Theremin, vocals), Keith Gurland (alto and tenor sax, flute, clarinet, panpipes, pedals, vocals) and Steve Romano (acoustic and electric drums and percussion).

Following in the tradition of King Crimson and ELP, TriPod creates symphonic rock music. At one point Pierre Moerlen from Gong was a band member.

TriPod's CD is released on the MoonJune Records label, known for promoting artists such as Soft Machine and Elton Dean.