Ultravox is a British New Wave rock band. They were one of the primary exponents of the British electronic pop music movement of the late 1970s/early 1980s. The band was particularly associated with the New Romantic and New Wave movements.

This band was effectively led by two different individuals in its career, two frontmen who, curiously, never played together in the band at the same time. From 1974 until 1979, the frontman and main driving force behind Ultravox was John Foxx who left the band to embark on a solo career that proved very short-lived. Some time following Foxx's departure, with the three remaining members in a hiatus, Midge Ure took over as lead singer, guitarist and frontman, and he managed to revitalize the band, and drive it to massive commercial success which lasted until the middle 1980s when the New Romantic and New wave music scenes had waned. Ure then left the band in 1987 after establishing a solo career and the group disbanded for a while. A new line-up, led by sole original bandmember Billy Currie, was formedin 1992, but achieved no success. The band's most well known line-up of Currie, Cross, Cann and Ure reformed in 2008 and have toured together since then.