Verne may refer to: People, Surname: Jules Verne (1828-1905), French early science-fiction writer, Adela Verne (1877-1952), English pianist and minor composer, Kaaren Verne (1918-1967), German actress, Larry Verne (born 1936), American novelty song singer, Mathilde Verne (1865-1936), English pianist and teacher, sister of Adela Verne, Michel Verne (1861-1925), writer, son of Jules Verne, Given name: Verne Duncan (born 1934), American politician, Verne Gagne (born 1926), former professional wrestler and wrestling promoter, Verne Langdon (born 1941), musician, Verne Lewellen (1901-1980), American professional football player and general manager of the Green Bay Packers team, Verne Lundquist (born 1940), journalist for CBS, Verne Meisner (1938-2005), American polka musician, Verne Orr (1916-2008), American businessman and 14th Secretary of the Air Force, Verne Sankey (1890-1934), American kidnapper and bank robber, Verne Troyer (born 1969), American actor and stunt man, Verne Winchell (1915-2002), founder of Winchell's Donuts, Fictional characters: Verne Brown, in the film Back to the Future, Verne, a turtle in the comic strip and animated film Over the Hedge, Places, Verne, Indiana, United States, The Verne Citadel, a citadel on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, EnglandThe Verne (HM Prison), a prison on the citadel, , Verne, Doubs, a commune of the Doubs d├ępartement in France, Verne (crater), a lunar crater named after Jules Verne